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AAA Fingerprinting



Starting February 1, 2022, I will be conducting fingerprints back at my office location at 1602 4th Ave. NW, Minot, ND, (in the Carrie Francis Law Office) starting at 5:15pm each weekday


Call or text Val at 701-509-8491 for an appointment!

I offer rolled INK Fingerprinting on FD-258 Standard Blue FBI Applicant Cards.   (I DO NOT offer LIVE Scan)

(Due to my full time job at probation and parole) there may be times when I cannot answer my phone and can only correspond with you via text  (ex) if I am with a client or in a courtroom. 

I appreciate your patience in this matter.   


Fingerprinting will take place as early as 5:15pm on weekdays and go as late as 7:00pm. If you set an appointment time with me, please be courteous and be on time as there may be clients scheduled right after your appointment.      

If the 5:15pm-6:45pm timeframe on weekdays does not work with your schedule, then text me and we can figure out another time. 

I can also schedule appointments on the weekends!!  

Fingerprinting Prices:

AAA Fingerprinting does NOT provide Livescan printing, ONLY Rolled Ink Prints

 2 sets of prints on standard FD-258 FBI CARDS: $40 Cash Only

 1 set of prints on a standard FD-258 FBI CARD:   $25 Cash Only
In addition to fingerprinting my clients, I will:
  • Complete  a Verification of your Photo Identification Form
  • Provide you with a Receipt
  • Place Completed Cards and Verification Form into a SEALED envelope to be placed in the mail by customer.  

IDENTIFICATION:  Must provide a CURRENT government issued photo ID.  
Ex.  Driver's License, Passport, Military ID
No photocopies will be accepted and I will not accept
pictures of your identification on your phone


I also provide Notary Services!!  

Cost- $5.00/Stamp 

AAA Fingerprinting is located in the Carrie Francis Law Office.  We are across the street from the Adult Learning Center, across the street from Loaf n' Jug and kitty-corner from Oak Park. 
Address: 1602 4th Ave NW Minot, ND 58703 


Call or Text Val Today at:



I started fingerprinting individuals over 25 years ago when I was employed at the Ward County Jail as a Correctional Officer. I graduated from Minot State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice.  I currently work full time for the ND DOCR-Probation and Parole Department in Minot, North Dakota. I have a strong relationship with multiple law enforcement agencies and community members to ensure the citizens in my community remain safe.     

and I Appreciate your Business.  


Thank you for Choosing AAA Fingerprinting

Val Potter

I have provided fingerprints on individuals for the following:

  • ND Nursing Licensures (as well as other State Nursing Boards)

  • ND Social Work Licensures

  • ND Real Estate Commission

  • ND Insurance Commission

  • ND Medical Marijuana Caregivers 

  • Daycare Employees

  • Name Changes

  • ND Education and Standards Board  (ESPB)

  • ND Imaging Board

  • Respiratory Therapy

  • Coaching/Staff positions at Schools

  • Suppressors/Concealed Weapons Permits (North Dakota & other States) 

  • Record Expungements

  • Appeal on Firearm Denials 

  • Foster and Adoptions/Guardianships 

  • United States Post Office

  • Banking Jobs

  • Armored Car Drivers and Private Investigators  

  • Agencies/Individuals filing Electronic Taxes

  • H-2A Visa Program for Temporary Workers/Immigration 

 Due to Federal Guidelines I am not able to fingerprint individuals for TSA Background Checks for Airlines and Hazardous Materials Licenses​

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